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 This is a general information page to aid coaches in setting up the primary season 

Before the Season Begins 

  • Training: make sure all of the required coach training is done (see the Primary Season page)
  • Coach Conduct: make sure you have read the AYSO Coach Code of Conduct
  • Equipment:  Make sure that you have gathered the proper equipment (cones, whistle, clipboard).  You can order equipment from; AYSO StoreScoreBlue
  • Goals: put together a list of season goals
  • Parent meeting:  
    • Introduce yourself and go over season goals.  
    • If you font have an assistant, ask parents for help.  Any person who coaches the kids needs to be trained (see Primary Season page under "Coach" sub-heading)
    • Collect contact info from parents, including a cell phone number
    • Hand out game schedules.  Games schedules are located on this website.
    • Discuss parent conduct.  Have parents sign the Kids Zone Pledge
    • Discuss proper player equipment; cleats, shin guards, sports wear
    • Explain your style of coaching
    • Go over the rules of the game
    • Ask for volunteers to help with the season.  You can use volunteers for a snack schedule, end of season party, etc.
  • COACHES: keep in mind that you must carry player registration forms with parental medical releases with you at all times.  If you are missing any forms contact our region secretary (look on the contact us page for info).  If you have any old player forms from players that were removed from your roster, return to them to a Board member at the first game on September 9th.


  • See AYSO Drills and Practice
  • Always have a plan for practice.  Below is a table for a general practice format       



Warm-up and/or fitness

       15-20 minutes

Meeting/water break

       2 minutes

Drill #1- Soccer skills

       15 minutes

Drill #2-Soccer skills

       15 minutes

Small sided scrimmage

       15 minutes

Meeting/water break

       2 minutes

Open Scrimmage

       15-20 minutes

Aprox 90 minutes

  • Skills to work on:  Dribbling, Shooting, Passing, Defending, Field Positions,Throw-ins, Corner Kicks, Foul Kicks, Kick-offs.  See 50 Selected Soccer Skills
  • Arrive early to practice to set-up the field
  • Teach the rules of the game
  • Follow Safe Haven Rules: do not allow anyone on the field that is not authorized.  Two certified adults are required on the field at all times.  At least one adult must be the same gender as the players.
  • Do not allow anyone to coach the players unless they are certified by AYSO
  • After practice do not leave unless all players have been picked up


  • Bring extra equipment like shin guards, keeper jersey, keeper gloves
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the game
  • Have a game plan.  Know which players are in which position on the field
  • Your game strategy should be to develop soccer skills not just to win the game 
  • Abide by AYSO game rules
  • Try to keep the game fair for both teams.  If your team is up 4-0 in the first quarter, think about pulling back your attack.  
  • Try not to argue referee calls, it sets a bad example for the players.  Team captains can respectfully question referee calls on the field.
  • Emphasize sportsmanship on the field
  • Try to allow players to make their own mistakes on the field.  See Article on Sportsmanship
  • Keep your sideline in order.  Make sure parents are 3-4 feet back from the sideline.  Make sure spectators are not; coaching, arguing with referee calls, or interfering with the game  Read How to Handle Parents that "Sideline Coach"
  • After the game, regardless of the outcome; shake the hands of the opponent and referees;
  • If a coach has a question or concern regarding another coach, a referee, or a parent please use the "contact us" form on this website.

End of Season

  • Make sure you rate each player on your team.  This will help with balancing teams for the next season.
  • Participation prizes are given to every AYSO player
  • Try to have some sort of team gathering where you can conclude the season and hand-out medals 

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